How to select angles

On several points in Simona you can enable specific angles to move in your simulation. You have to do your selection in the boxes.


The syntax is always as follows:

  • A * enables all angles:
    1 *
    All angles are free to move.
  • A entered number enables a single angle to move:
    1 54
    The angle number 54 is allowed to move only.
  • To enable a group of angles use XX-YY, where XX and YY are the numbers of the first and last moving angles:
    1 54-56
    The angles from 54 to 56 are free to move.
  • You may also use a combination of these options. Divide several entries by semicolon .The last entry doesn't require a semicolon at the end:
    1 5; 7; 41-53; 90
    The angles 5, 7, 41 to 53 and 90 are free to move.