POEM++ Forcefields

Select the forcefields you want to use in your simulation here. Either select a predefined forcefield or make your own selection.

  • PFF01: PFFClash, PFFLennardJones, PFFHBond, PFFElectrostatics without local electrostatics, PowerSasa, PFFImplicitSolventEnergy
  • PFF02: PFFClash, PFFLennardJones, PFFHBond, PFFRama, PFFElectrostatics with local electrostatics, PowerSasa, PFFImplicitSolventEnergy
  • PFF03(experimental): experimental forcefield
  • Manual selection: If you want to make your own selection of forcefields provided by Simona, you can do it here. You will have to select what scale and what depth the forcefield should have. For more information about each energy term click here.

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